Nonprofit Succession Planning

Succession planning for nonprofits- who needs it? We all do. According to six Canadian and U.S. studies that predict a not-for-profit executive leadership transition rate over the next five to 10 years of 75% - 83%.

In Canada, the report from the Calgary Centre for Non-Profit Management by Boland & Associates, found that 82% of Canadian executive directors are expected to leave their current positions within five years. That's more than 139,400 organizations!

Read more about this in our Four Steps to Succession Readiness article, originally published in the October 2012 Governance issue of Association Magazine. This article reviews the barriers and benefits of succession planning and a comprehensive four step plan so you can be prepared.

Our Exit Right® Workshops will provide the help you need to be prepared for any eventuality. The topics covered by workshops are:

If you prefer a more personal approach, we have custom succession services

We have developed a licensing agreement for associations and coops so they can provide continuing organization development to their membership through cost-effective, sustainable succession services.

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Integrated Succession Planning