Exit Right® Integrated Succession Planning for Nonprofit Corporations

Change favors a prepared mind - Goethe

Goethe wrote these words hundreds of years ago but they are nowhere truer than in the context of leadership continuity for nonprofit and charitable corporations.

  • As an executive director or board president, are you worried about potential conflicts within the board once the succession dialogue starts?
  • As a chief operating officer, do you avoid the notion that you won't be around forever because you're too busy making sure your agency is around for tomorrow?
  • As a board member, do you worry that your chief executive officer will resign before your term on the board ends? Are you worried about either getting it wrong or the perception of challenging existing leadership?
  • As an executive director, has your board postponed or delayed dealing with the succession issue because it is perceived as too time consuming, too complex or too costly?

The organization development consultants from Make Things Happen can help you overcome these barriers to succession planning. We demystify the process and help you get the conversation going around your boardroom table today!

Our one-hour presentation or three-hour workshop will:

  • Begin the dialogue about the inevitability of leadership transition and its impact on your organization
  • Explain succession planning as it relates to foundations, nonprofit and charitable corporations
  • Review the common barriers to succession planning faced by boards and their executive directors - and provide tips on how to meet them head on
  • Introduce you to a four-step process that will lead you to succession readiness

"Four Seasons" by Linda Fairburn represents the cycle of regeneration found in healthy organizations.

This presentation or workshop is perfect for AGMs, conferences, multi-agency events, boards of directors' meetings and professional development.

Contact Make Things Happen to reserve this presentation for your event and - get the conversation going!

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