Exit Right® Succession Planning for Staff Positions

  • Are pending retirements unstablizing your workforce?
  • Are your managers spending too much time filling in for supervisory staff away on professional development, vacation, parental or sick leaves?
  • Are staff managers hiring today to meet the needs of tomorrow?
  • Are you able to draw up talent from the lower levels of your organization?

This Succession Planning for Staff Positions workshop is designed for staff leaders, directors, managers and any number of other key positions where a sudden absence would seriously affect departmental functioning and service delivery.

Your organization may already have a succession or emergency replacement plan for its chief executive officer, president or executive director, but what about key managers and other staff? Replacement planning for them is just as important.

The information generated in this workshop will benefit you and your organization's supervisors and human resources personnel to:

  • Plan for emergency replacement staffing
  • Provide succession planning for all management positions
  • Create a training and development plan
  • Hire for and develop leadership competencies in your non-union staff
  • Assess internal versus external candidates
  • Plan for temporary replacements, employee staffing and development and succession
  • Determine the critical dimensions to be used in performance management and the assessment of employee potential
  • Map employee readiness for promotion
  • Design appropriate reward and control systems

Participants in this half-day workshop will prepare a short-term temporary replacement plan for their position that includes:

  • Reviewing current job and roles
  • Identifying future job requirements
  • Defining the responsibilities of and create a short-term temporary job description
  • Identifying a candidate list and assess their develop-mental needs
  • Creating a training and development plan
  • Applying an employee readiness map and will
  • Receive a template for developing long-term temporary and permanent replacement plans

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