Exit Right® Emergency Leadership Planning for Nonprofit Corporations

Change favors a prepared mind - Goethe


The Exit Right®: Emergency Leadership Planning for Nonprofit Corporations workshop will help you create an emergency leadership plan for your executive director so you can minimize disruption to your organization and ensure leadership continuity.

What would happen to your organization if you needed to replace your executive director for three months, for six months or a year? How would your day-to-day operations be impacted? What about your long-term stability? Would your clients continue to receive the services they need?

Most boards resist making plans to replace an executive director. In fact, less than 20% of Canadian nonprofit organizations have succession plans in place to protect themselves and their clients in these situations.

Having a succession plan to keep your organization going in the face of adversity is a best management practice. It gives you the plan you need to meet your corporate responsibilities and it is the logical and ethical course of action for senior staff and boards of directors.

This half-day workshop is designed for foundations, nonprofit and charitable corpora- tions and their boards of directors, chief operating officers, chief executive officers, executive directors and succession planning committees.

This is a hands-on workshop where you will receive a turn key toolkit to put together an action plan for a unexpected, short-term succession plan and get the resources you need to develop policies and procedures for unexpected long-term and permanent situations.

This interactive workshop will help you and your organization to:


  • Identify barriers that prevent your organization from moving forward
  • Obtain commitment to the succession planning process from your board of directors
  • Provide an overview of the integrated succession planning process
  • Assign authorities and responsibilities to stabilize daily operations
  • Outline communication strategies
  • Assess the resources you need
  • Plan for future succession activities
  • Reap the benefits of succession readiness


"Four Seasons" by Linda Fairburn represents the cycle of regeneration found in healthy organizations.

To get the most for your organization out of this workshop, we recommend at least one board member and the executive director attend.

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Workshops are currently scheduled for:

  • Guelph October 25, 2017