Exit Right® Workshops

How do I know if my organization needs help?

Check your organization for any of these "high temperature" symptoms.

  1. You worry your ED or other key employee will quit before your term on the board ends.
  2. Your ED is leaving having been with you for two years or less.
  3. The ED is reluctant to consider the inevitability of their leaving.
  4. Your ED is the founder, first director or has been in place for a long time.
  5. Your ED is leaving on short notice either by necessity, choice or termination.
  6. Your board doesn't have a member with human resources or organization development back ground.
  7. Your board has no policies in place that speak to leadership replacement.
  8. Your board doesn't have an emergency leadership replacement plan in place to address the unexpected absence of its key people due to sudden family leave taking, accident, injury, illness or death.
  9. The tenure or composition of the board is unstable.
  10. The ED is within three years of retirement.

If you answered, "yes" to any of these statements then you may benefit from some of our Exit Right® Workshops

Workshop Overview

Make Things Happen can help get everyone on the same page with training sessions targeted to your specific needs. Our training is designed to improve your organization's performance by aligning your strategy, goals, processes and people.

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Exit Right® Integrated Succession Planning for Nonprofit Corporations

This one to three hour presentation or workshop will:

  • Begin the dialogue about the inevitability of leadership transition and its impact on your organization
  • Explain succession planning as it relates to associations, nonprofit and charitable corporations
  • Review the common barriers to succession planning faced by boards and their chief executive officers - and provide tips on how to meet them head on
  • Introduce you to a four-step process that will lead you to succession readiness

This presentation or workshop is perfect for AGMs, conferences, multi-agency events, boards of directors' meetings and professional development. Inquire about a customized workshop just for your members specific needs. Read more.

Contact Make Things Happen to reserve this presentation for your event and - get the conversation going!

Exit Right® Emergency Leadership Planning for Nonprofit Corporations

This half-day workshop is designed for associations, nonprofit and charitable corporations and their boards of directors, chief executive officers, executive directors and succession planning committees.

This is a hands-on workshop where you will receive a turn key toolkit to put together an action plan for a unexpected, short-term succession plan and get the resources you need to develop policies and procedures for unexpected long-term and permanent situations. This interactive workshop will help you and your organization to:

  • Identify barriers that prevent your organization from moving forward
  • Obtain commitment to the succession planning process from your board of directors
  • Provide an overview of the integrated succession planning process
  • Assign authorities and responsibilities to stabilize daily operations
  • Outline communication strategies
  • Assess the resources you need
  • Plan for future succession activities
  • Reap the benefits of succession readiness

To get the most for your organization out of this workshop, we recommend at least one board member and the chief executive officer attend. Read more.

Workshop dates and locations don't work for you? We will bring our Emergency Leadership Planning to your organization, event, AGM or conference. Contact our office to find out how.

Exit Right® Succession Planning for Staff Positions 

The Succession Planning for Staff Positions workshop is designed for staff leaders, directors, managers and any number of other key positions where numerous pending retirements or sudden absences would seriously affect departmental functioning and service delivery.

Participants in this half-day workshop will prepare a short-term temporary replacement plan for their position that includes:

  • Reviewing current job and roles
  • Identifying future job requirements
  • Defining the responsibilities of and create a short-term temporary job description
  • Identifying a candidate list and assess their developmental needs
  • Creating a training and development plan
  • Applying an employee readiness map and will
  • Receive a template for developing long-term temporary and permanent replacement plans

This workshop is best delivered in-house to employees who have current job descriptions. Read more.

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