Exit Right® Licensing Agreements - We Call it Kevlar for Nonprofit Corporations

Licensing Agreements allow your nonprofit agency to deliver succession planning training to your membership at prices they can afford.

Is an Exit Right® Licensing Agreement right for you? Take the test!

  1. You are an agency, association, consultancy, cooperative, council, federation or other entity serving for-benefit or nonprofit constituencies

  2. You are mandated to provide relevant training and development for your membership in the most cost-efficient method

  3. You have human resources professionals, adult educators or trainers already on your staff

  4. Your membership has identified a need to plan for:

    • Retirements within the next three years

    • Short- and long-term temporary absences for critical staff positions, especially for its president, chief executive officer or executive director

    • Permanent succession of senior staff leaders.

Why reinvent the wheel?

Our clients asked us for cost-effective, sustainable succession training so they could provide continuing organization development for their members. They already had the membership, communication channels, mandate, relationship, community, trust, staff and the ability to apply for and receive funding to meet this pressing need. Here's our solution.

Licensing Agreements are available for:

  1. Exit Right ® Getting Started with Integrated Succession Planning for Nonprofit Corporations

  2. Exit Right ® Emergency Leadership Planning for EDs of Nonprofit Corporations

  3. Exit Right ® Succession Planning for Staff Positions

Licensing agreements include:

  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Facilitator's Guides
  • Participants' Workbooks • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Self-assessments
  • Speakers Notes
  • Brochures and Associated Artwork

Download our Succession Planning Licensing Overview for more information.

Contact Make Things Happen for more details about licensing agreements for the Exit Right ® suite of succession training programs.