Exit Right®: A Guided Tour of Succession Planning for Families-in-Business-Together

Canadian Best Selling Business Book!

by Mark Voeller, Linda Fairburn, and Wayne Thompson. Toronto: Summit Run Inc., 2002, 144 pp., 6 x 9, $22.50 CAN paper. Business ISBN 0-9687928-1-2

A Tool for Business Owning Families

Exit Right is written for business owners, not academics. This is a quick and easy read, a "20,000 foot view" of the process designed to help business owners distinguish the forest from the trees and address the personal and family needs that their strategic and financial planning must satisfy. It provides a practical step-by-step process for developing a plan that truly serves both the emotional and financial needs of the owner and his or her family as well as the long-term health of the business. The result? The result is an effective succession plan that serves the owner, the family and the business.

A Tool for Professionals

Exit Right is an excellent resource for accountants, lawyers, bankers, insurance and investment professionals looking to develop the broad perspective of the family business advisor. Many have bought copies to give to their clients to kick-start the succession planning process. Volume discounts are available on request.

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