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March 25, 2015 Toronto ON

April 22, 2015 Ottawa ON 

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Make Things Happen Limited provides succession planning and leadership transition assistance for family businesses and nonprofit corporations in Canada and the United States.

Make Things Happen provides organization development consulting, facilitation, training and coaching for organizations. Its primary clients are families, partners, founders, boards of directors, their chief executive officers and key staff managers where succession-planning issues are of primary concern.

Make Things Happen helps identify and address a variety of different challenges linked to leadership continuity but we are best known for our contributions to succession planning in the family firm and nonprofit sector. We address succession planning problems directly through consulting, coaching and facilitation and by providing you with the tools and education to solve them.

Change is never easy for individuals and their organizations and a qualified organization development consultant can help you Make Things Happen! Where succession planning is easier than worrying about it.

Please contact Make Things Happen for a complimentary consultation to see how we might contribute to your success.